It is likely that after I have signed and sealed your document, it may need further certification it before it can be used abroad.

Many countries across the globe are members of the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961.  For documents which are to be used in those countries, the only further certification your document needs will be an “Apostille” (a French word which just translates as “certificate”) from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Once your document has an Apostille, it will automatically be accepted and recognised in any country which has joined the Apostille Convention.

You can get an Apostille in two ways.

The cheapest is to send it to the FCO in Milton Keynes, at a cost of £30.  You can arrange for this yourself if you wish.  However, that can take several days.

Alternatively, if you need an Apostille on your document quickly, there is a premium same-day service in London, but it costs £75 and can only be organised through a Notary.

I can arrange to have your document Apostilled for a small extra fee, together with the cost of courier and agent services if required.  I will let you know what the cost will be in advance.