I can arrange to see you by appointment at the offices of Geldards LLP at the Arc Enterprise Way, Nottingham NG2 1EN. Please click here for a location map, or see the Contact page on this website.

I will also be happy to visit you in appropriate circumstances, but I will have to charge for both travelling time and expenses.

Appointments generally take between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the nature and complexity of your document.

Before we meet, if possible, please send your document to me by email at If you have any instructions from a foreign lawyer, please send those to me as well – there may be specific requirements about how the document is to be signed, or even the colour of ink to be used.

When we meet, please bring the document with you. Please do not sign it or have it witnessed beforehand. Everything needs to be done in my presence.

Please also bring with you two identity documents. One should be a passport or other government-issued document with your photograph on it. The other should show your address, such as a utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement – ideally not more than 3 months old. Please note that I may check identity documents under UV light.

After we meet, and I have notarised your document, I will obtain any Apostille or Consular legalisation which may be required. I can also arrange for your notarised document to be couriered to wherever it is needed.

My professional rules oblige me to keep certain record and copy documents, some for 12 years, others for ever. I will therefore need to keep copies of the document I have notarised, evidence of your ID, relevant instructions from your foreign lawyer, and any other documents relevant to the matter.